RMR / MedGem Option:

Your metabolism is based on the total number of calories burned each day.  Metabolism is comprised of normal bodily functions and daily physical activity.  Since metabolism is an essential component to weight management, it is important to assess resting metabolic rate, which makes up approximately 70-75% of your bodies daily metabolic needs.

Even people that are similar to one another can have large metabolic differences.  These metabolic differences can vary up to 900 Kcals/day.

The MedGem has been validated against the “gold standard” for accuracy.  The process is very simple as all you do is relax and breathe into the meter for 10 minutes.  Based on your oxygen consumption the MedGem device calculates your resting metabolic rate (RMR).
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Using your individual RMR we can then develop a personalized weight management plan for you.  Knowing your optimum RMR allows you to know exactly how many calories you can eat daily to maintain weight or to lose weight effectively.

Anyone can experience the MedGem analysis.  You may already be at your ideal weight and only interested in what it takes to maintain your current weight with calorie recommendations and physical activity.  Many athletes over train and under eat leading to physical stress and fatigue.  The MedGem can give you an accurate assessment of how many calories you need to maintain your weight with your physical athletic goals. The MedGem analysis can be done by itself or as a comprehensive weight management program.

healthy workout RMR measurements provide the means to quickly measure your actual current body fat and metabolic rate.  This leads to better results because your weight management plan is based on your physiological needs and not a standardized one size fits all approach.  We provide a medically based, structured, accurate, and personalized approach to weight management.