If you are always finding yourself looking for a new diet to try, and you have tried everything only to gain it back, you might be pleased to know that the HCG Protocol is the ideal weight loss method for you.  The HCG Protocol is a powerful, effective dieting method that resets your metabolism and prevents future weight gain.

HCG is a natural hormone, properly named Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin.  According to Dr. Simeons, “HCG is never found in the body except during pregnancy and never found in the male.  The only time HCG is found is during the pregnancy of women.  It is produced in great quantities and is the most hormonal event in pregnancy.  It has an enormous protective importance for mother and child and no woman could carry her pregnancy to term without it.”

 HCG is derived from the urine of pregnant women, sterilized, and made into a powder form to later be converted into a solution for administering either through injection or an oral sub-lingual solution.  We do not use scam internet products, multi-level marketing products or unregulated “homeopathic” oral HCG. Both injectable and oral solutions of HCG are purchased from a FDA approved compounding pharmacy. 
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HCG is a relatively safe hormone to use for the 6 week diet phase.  It has been used in small doses for weight loss since the 1950’s and in very large doses in infertility treatments.  It has been extensively researched so it risks and benefits are known.  The health benefits of losing weight on the protocol include lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and reversal of pre-diabetic tendency. 

Our HCG Protocol consists of three major components:  The first component is an HCG medication, either in the form of HCG shots or in the form of oral supplements.  The second component is the very-low-calorie-diet (VLCD).  And the third component is the required detoxing and supportive supplements.  We have determined that injectable HCG protocol is the most effective, but can provide you with an oral solution, if you are afraid of needles.

The first component is to give yourself a daily shot or oral dose of our purified HCG, then you begin to eat a very low calorie diet (VLCD) and this will result in the release of 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day of stubborn stored abnormal fat deposits into the blood stream. As those calories enter the blood stream, the body burns them as a source of energy.   This results in up to a half to one pound of weight loss a day. Your appetite is naturally reduced since your body has so many calories circulating daily.  Weight loss becomes easy and if the protocol is followed most people can be guaranteed to lose weight.

making healthy choices To some people a VLCD seems like only a heroic possibility.  What’s wonderful about this HCG method is that the HCG shots or oral drops decrease one’s appetite while intensifying the body’s natural abnormal fat burning processes.  Therefore, maintaining a VLCD diet is far easier than one might imagine due to the chemical process of the body eliminating up to 2,000 fat stored calories per day.

The VLCD consists of a strict 500 calories per day regimen.  You will be consuming only a specific list of foods and specific amounts, prepared in the most basic but delicious methods.  We will provide a booklet with some basic recommendations and recipes.  Even a beginner cook can succeed with our fool proof recipes.  In addition you will get regular emails with more taste satisfying ideas.

The third component of our protocol is the detoxifying supplements.  They are introduced to support the body and help with a mild detoxification. Taken as recommended, they reduce stress during the diet by supporting the liver, kidneys and adrenal glands, therefore, enhancing the effectiveness of the HCG protocol. Some people may also choose to intensify the detoxification with an additional heavy metal detox.

Along with the HCG we provide enough supplements for the entire 6 weeks. The protocol manual includes easy instructions on when and how to take the supplements.   After reviewing your medical history, Dr. Desai may recommend additional supplements to support your unique conditions.

Upon completion of the initial 6 weeks we then modify the Protocol to the next phase to reset the metabolism.  This phase lasts 3 weeks and is vital to prevent you from regaining all the weight you just lost.  This is a unique feature of HCG that no other weight loss protocol can provide.  After the weight loss this phase allows your hypothalamus to up regulate your metabolism so you will be able to eat more calories without gaining weight. The scam internet products will not reset the hypothalamus so most people who use these cheap but ineffective products will lose weight but gain it right back.
We want you to succeed and keep the weight off for life so we offer an optional 3 month maintenance plan the includes resting metabolic rate testing, follow up functional blood work analysis, food shopping trips and more.

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Since this is a one-on-one personalized care approach, we are in contact with you and may modify the program as needed to achieve success.